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Sphynx Cats For Sale

Sphynx cat for sale are characterized by a naked, hairless body. These cats are the result of natural mutation. We are professional breeders of high quality certified cats with guaranteed pedigree in a family environment.

The origin and standards of the Sphynx

Hairless cats for sale have been around for several centuries, the appearance of the Sphynx and the breeding of the breed is quite recent. Indeed, the modern line comes from the spontaneous appearance of a male hairless kitten in Toronto, Canada, in 1966. It was preserved in order to perpetuate the variety, then, it was brought back from Toronto to the Netherlands by Doctor Hugo Hernandez.

Sphynx Kittens For Sale

Are you looking for sweet, lovable and very affectionate sphynx cat for sale? We have always been passionate about animals, our primary goal is to produce quality kittens. Our sphynx cat live in freedom with their host family. They are all socialized from birth and develop the intelligence that characterizes them through early stimulation and their genetics with a very affectionate temperament.

Contact us for your preferences, whether for sex, color ... and we will find the kitten that suits you in one of our present or future litters.
A black sphynx kitten been held

Availability: Ready to Leave

Kitten Sex :Boy

Vaccinations: Up-to-Date : Yes

Price :$800

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Availability: Ready to Leave

Kitten Sex :Female

Vaccinations: Up-to-Date : Yes

Price :$800

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Availability: Ready to Leave

Kitten Sex : Female

Vaccinations: Up-to-Date : Yes

Price :$800


Welcoming a Sphynx cat into your family is wonderful! See all our companions, females, males or our little proteges awaiting a family for life on our daily Facebook page and learn more about the adoption, the procedures, the costs and the care of these. What you need to know about your new companion. Our little Sphynxes are ready to go between the 8 and 11 weeks old as this ensures a perfectly weaned and socialized cat. All sphynx cats for sale are sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed. Our sphynx kittens for sale are waiting for you right here!


Our sphynx  kittens leave between the 8 and 11 weeks.The sphynx cat therefore receive excellent socialization in their respective families and are all in excellent health.


A deposit is required to make a reservation and it is refundable if canceled by you. For full details on adoption fees, contact us.
Deposit Price is $500


All our kittens are sold sterilized, vaccinated, with several deworming treatments. They will have a microchip and will be registered with a health guarantee under sales contract and received. No declawing (Onyxectomy).


By appointment only to come and see your future little hairless companion. (Under certain conditions for preventive and biosecurity measures for breeding as well as public health measures in force).



Vaccination certificates (basic vaccine + vaccine booster) and health record. Complete deworming
treatments before departure.


A Petsecure guarantee of 6 weeks (accident / health) and 1 year (following birth for congenital malformations and genetic diseases.We offer post-adoption follow-up at all times to support you.


adult black sphynx cat
sphynx cat for stud

The Sphynx: a hairless cat really like no other!

The Sphynx cat is known to all for its nudity which gives it an atypical look. Also found under the name of "naked cat", it appeared in Europe in the 20th century but some texts mention the older existence of hairless cats . Beyond its appearance, the Sphynx also has a singular character: extremely affectionate, not anxious, he is sociable and easy going. If its look does not leave you indifferent, often attracting teasing, the Sphynx rarely disappoints its happy owners!
Size: about 30cm
Weight: 3 to 5 kg
Coat: fine down
Color: any dress allowed, sometimes with spots
Life expectancy: 8 to 14 years
Gestation period: 56 to 70 days

Description and characteristics of the Sphynx

Since the Sphynx has no fur, its skin is pigmented in the color that its hair would have had: thus, an individual with a white coat will be rather pink, while an individual with a black coat will present gray to dark gray tones. The hair is not completely absent but is more exactly reminiscent of a down, like the one that covers baby cats at birth or also reminiscent of a chamois or peach skin.The Sphynx has a head with an elongated muzzle and large triangular ears, and a face with angular contours. The body has well-defined muscles and a round belly, long, slender legs, and a slender tail. The eyes can be of all colors, from green to gold through yellow and blue, sometimes minnows. The Sphynx also has folds on the forehead, muzzle, neck and legs.

History and origins of the

This breed is in fact relatively recent: appeared in the 60s in Canada, the Sphynx is the product of a "degenerating" litter from alley cats. Subsequently, two cats were imported to the Netherlands and crossed with Devon Rex(another very short-haired breed) by Doctor Hugo Hernandez. A whole litter, imported to France in 1983, was presented at a major cat show and was a great success. Exchanges continued between the Netherlands and France, completing the development of the prototype which later served as the basis for the breed standard, before it . The breed can therefore be considered as d French origin. However, hairless cats had already been described in New Mexico and recognized in pre-Columbian engravings from a long time ago ...

Character and behavior of the Sphynx

The Sphynx is affectionate, curious and very close to its owner. Like a dog, he likes to sleep at the foot of the bed and will never be out of touch with petting! He is used to following his "humans" around the house, on the lookout for their every move. It is not uncommon to find him with his nose in a shopping bag or inspecting with curiosity a new object ... He gets along wonderfully with other animals, especially dogs, but also with his other congeners. He does not have an aggressive temperament, making him very pleasant with children as long as they know how to respect his tranquility when necessary. The Sphynx is playful and at the same time very peaceful; it is also appreciated for its ability to adapt: ​​unlike most cats, it does not

Take care of your Sphynx

Contrary to popular belief, the Sphynx requires as much care as a normal cat, if not more, to properly maintain its skin and coat. Indeed, his skin must be hydrated regularly using a baby cream (fragrance free). A weekly bath is also recommended, to prevent it from leaving perspiration marks on your clothes and on your furniture . Docility during the bath is a habit to instill in him early: it is preferable to start washing it as soon as possible. the youngest age; most of them take a liking to it over time. Like any other cat, it is important to monitor the condition of the ears and paws - being hairless, the task is made easier! If your cat goes out a little, it will be necessary to trim his claws using a suitable nail clipper,

Feeding the Sphynx

The Sphynx needs to eat more than other cats: due to its nudity, its body temperature is higher, so it burns calories faster ... Most breeders and owners choose and recommend giving them dry food. will, however, if you opt for a daily ration system you will have to be careful to respect his ogre appetite. Some brands offer "Special Sphynx" food ranges to meet the nutritional needs of these cats with their particular organism. If their basic cost may seem expensive, these are high calorie products that reduce the consumption that the Sphynx would have with standard kibbles and thus maintain a more reasonable rate. He must also have access to.

Health and pathologies of the Sphynx

The Sphynx is subject to skin diseases, and especially to sun burns: its epidermis does not have melanin, it is even less well protected than that of a human being! If your cat has the opportunity to go out for sunbathing, it is necessary to apply sunscreen (full screen protection, for children for example) so that it does not burn, which can sometimes prove to be true. very serious in these cats. The Sphynx is also prone to an inherited disease, CMH (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) which causes the walls of the heart to thicken. This disease also exists in humans: the hearts of Sphynxes are actually very close to those of humans.

Sphynx: origin, size and character


The Sphynx, also called a “ hairless cat  ”, is a medium-sized cat with a life expectancy of between 8 and 14 years.Its origins are shrouded in mystery: “ naked cat ” engravings dating back to Aztec times have been found in Mexico . The Official Book of Feline Origins indicates that the cat was registered by the United States in 1936.The Sphynx is recognized for its physical peculiarity of being hairless. It is a breed of cat known as hypoallergenic,  it produces a small amount of allergen (Fel D1). In addition, the absence of hair prevents any risk of the spread of allergens within the house.


The Sphynx is a cat with a unique character. Very affectionate, he constantly asks for hugs and attention. He is an excellent companion cat, he is calm and very sociable. He is neither territorial nor aggressive towards his fellows .Very playful and lively, it is an ideal play partner for children. However, it will not jump everywhere and climb little on the furniture of the house.
This hairless cat  for sale adapts very well to any type of environment. However, in the absence of hair, you should avoid leaving this cat outside for too long. A life inside suits him perfectly.

Physical Appearance Of The Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx is a medium sized cat . Male and female weigh on average 3 kg to 5 kg and measure approximately 30 cm at the withers. This feline has a large rounded skull with huge ears. In addition, its tail is long and slender. This unique looking cat is not completely naked as you might think. It actually has a very fine down. This also makes it very sensitive to skin diseases. This breed of cat has a wide variety of colors. We recognize this cat by its wrinkles and folds. They can be seen on its forehead, muzzle, neck and legs.

Sphynx Cat Price

The price of a Sphynx varies according to the breeding's and the pedigree of the line. Male and female will not cost you the same price. In general, it takes an average of $1000 for a cat registered , the official book of feline origins. The highest bloodlines can be sold for up to $1500.
Adopting an animal commits you, it's a decision that you will have to think carefully. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the shelter closest to you before starting.

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